Woooooooah hello everyone!

So, the person I originally started this blog with has not been in contact with me in forever, and I forgot the username to this account…oops.

I’m going to try and open this blog back up, though!  So if there are any more requests, please send them my way!

So sorry about the delay.

Requested by reluctant-blonde-heroe, a drunk Eren texting Armin to come and take him to his condo, but thanks to clumbsy fingers, it’s worded very interestingly.

Anonymous whispered:
So can we submit our own text we generated?

We would really prefer if you submitted ideas for texts, even a whole script, if you really want to!  Gives us something to do, you know?

You’ll get full credit for you idea!!!

Anonymous request: Jean sending sexy texts to Marco, but accidentally sending it to his mother instead.

Just a heads up from now on we will not be posting texts as responses to asks.  

Keep bringing on the submissions and suggestions, and you will be credited for your ideas, but the mods believe that by posting the texts as photo posts, they are easier to read and easier to enjoy.

Also, we want to thank everyone for 500+ followers in less than 24 hours.  Thank you for your support, encouragement, and ideas!

Jean is an unorganized piece of shit.

For hatakesbooty, who requested an ‘I miss you’ message from Jean to Marco.

Requested LevixHanji

Anonymous whispered:
can we have jeankasa texting eachother cute little things /)w(\ andthen m aybe mikasa has to brb and eren gets a hold of her phone woo ps



One of the mods is around and getting to some of the requests in the ask box.

Please keep the requests coming, they are wonderful for inspiration!!!

demonia105 whispered:
A joke about tossing out extra food gets a more severe response from Sasha than expected.